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Irrigation Scheme

There are 93 small irrigation schemes in this district. Their combined irrigation capacity is 9200 hectare. However, 41 irrigational facilities out of these are since the time of the old local board and hence they do not have the facility of canals and they are also blocked on H.R. gates. The lakes of these facilities have also become shallow. As a result the combined irrigational output of these facilities is 100 hectare instead of 1532 hectare. An application is made to the government to consider these as rainwater harvest lakes instead of irrigation lakes.

The combined actual irrigational output capacity of the remaining 52 irrigation schemes is 3200 hectare against a calculated 7668 hectare. Most of the irrigation facilities are kharif based, as kharif crops require less support of the irrigation facilities due to the monsoon. Whereas in the ravi season, due to the lack of water as well as due to the absence of concrete linings in the canals, a lot of water wastage is caused and as a result less irrigation is available than the required.

Seventeen small irrigational schemes are approved by the central government for renovation, restoration and repair in the year 2007-2008. The forecasted expense for this is Rs 655.00 lakhs. This will provide irrigation facility to additional 1920 hectares of land.